The Project

To help recruit staff across all levels for a brand-new care home, with the aim of reducing the spend with recruitment agencies and reducing the time wasted sifting through unsuitable enquiries. We were able to leverage the company’s generous living wage package, the location in a young city (Bristol) and the enormous building site perimeter situated on a major traffic route.

ClientBerkley Care GroupCareResidential Care, Dementia Care, Respite CareURLBadminton Place

The Method

The home was situated in a prominent position on a major A-Road in Bristol with a huge perimeter fence. To clad this in traditional hoardings would have also cost tens of thousands of pounds. The city has a rich artistic culture and so we sought out some local artists to help. Using the branding we had already created, we worked with them to create a kind of ‘installation art’ piece which covered the entire site in bold brand colours, with original locally-related artwork, for a fraction of the cost of hoarding.

We then created a bespoke social media campaign for each of the job categories within the home, largely conducted through Facebook and for senior positions, LinkedIn. The hoardings were interspersed with full height panels showing how to contact the home to apply for positions.

The Results

Because the home recruited the manager and the deputy manager many months in advance of the home opening, they were able to allocate resources to fielding the enquiries that came off the back of the campaign.

2,000 enquiries in the first month, with the senior HOD roles filled and the first wave of staff recruited.

Savings of tens of thousands of pounds in recruitment agency fees.

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