Websites for Care Homes made simple

Having simplified the building process, it leaves us time to concentrate on getting to know your business, finding out what makes it great and then delivering this in a beautiful bundle to your audience. We will want to know everything about what you do, why and how it makes a difference – so be prepared!

  • Care-orientated
  • Fast loading speeds
  • SEO-ready
  • PPC-ready
  • Landing pages included
  • Responsive
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Care Home Resident having her hair done with a carer. Photography for care homes.
A happy resident in a religious care home. Websites for care homes.

Your website is your shop window and your shop

In the care sector particularly, prospective clients will visit multiple times to find the information they want. They want the information quickly, in an easy-to-find location, with the option to quickly talk to someone with any questions they have.

Your website needs a clear User Journey with entry points to the site defined in your plan. These entry points are what you will concentrate efforts on marketing. Essentially, we are simply trying to make the journey from someone thinking about a care home to contacting yours, as short and simple as possible.

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How quickly can I be up and running with a new website?

It’s fair to say that we are not reinventing the wheel with every new care website we build, so for that reason we have included what most care homes require as standard. This reduces costs, speeds up the process and makes for a better product over time.

The most important aspects of your new site are:

  • Is there a clear user journey?
  • Does it solve the customer’s problem?
  • Are the home’s Selling Points clearly visible?
  • Is it well written with original imagery and video?

Once we have answered yes to all of the above, we’re ready to put it live and make it work. We offer four customisable website options straight out of the box…

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A carer in a care home enjoying time with a resident. Websites for Care Homes.

Websites Packages for Care Homes

We have put our most popular website solutions into easy-to-understand packages, below. Please get in touch with us if there is something else you require.

Enterprise Package
  • Umbraco or Wordpress Platform
  • Up to five main pages
  • Customisable with type, colour and branding
  • One round of amends
  • SEO ready
  • One Year’s Basic Maintenance
  • 1 x Services Landing Page (for marketing)

Leader Package
  • Umbraco Platform
  • Up to ten main pages
  • SEO ready
  • One Year’s Hosting
  • One Year’s Maintenance
  • Up to 4 x Services Landing Pages (for marketing)
  • Copy Review (Run all provided copy through our software (Anyword) to optimise it.

Pro Package
  • Up to ten main pages
  • SEO ready
  • Two Year’s Hosting
  • One Year’s Extended Maintenance & Support
  • Up to 4 x Services Landing Page templates
  • Campaign Landing Page template
  • Copy Review (Run all provided copy through our software (Anyword) to optimise it.

Pro Package +

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