Your in-house marketing department

Generating enquiries is one thing, managing the through to becoming a customer or a member of staff is another thing. We can help you get this right and maximise your marketing ROI.

  • Help & Integration with CRMs
  • Marketing Automation
  • External Support
  • Full management
  • Telephone tracking and recording
  • Live, managed chat
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A carer holding hands with a resident in a care home. Marketing for care homes.
A resident enjoying a newspaper in their care home room. Marketing for care homes.

Making enquiries count

We hear a lot that ‘enquiries aren’t very good quality’.

It often transpires that they are, but the enquirers just aren’t ready to buy right there and then. Receiving enquiries is one thing, but ensuring that those enquiries are followed through to a positive outcome is the biggest source of frustration for clients. Based on data, we estimate that only 3-5% of your enquiries are ‘ready to buy now’, with 70% in information gathering mode. It is essential, therefore, that there is a plan in place to make sure that the 70% know about you when the time comes to make that decision. Let us help.

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Your marketing department

We can help you to better identify and nurture enquiries, driving efficiency in your marketing spend and fewer empty beds all year round.

You may already have a marketing manager who simply needs some help using a CRM, or you might want someone to set up an entire system for you – automations, call tracking and live chat – all integrated into your website and CRM. Wherever your marketing operation needs tweaking, we can help you. Not only that, our monitoring, reporting and analysis means that you can keep track from wherever you are.

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A religious resident in a religious care home. Marketing for care homes.

What shape is your marketing in?

From a comprehensive mystery shop of your marketing and its effectiveness, or an overview of your current activity, we can help get you to the start-line with a clear plan of action.

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