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25th November

Need to improve online performance? Digital marketing’s the answer

If your care home or care group is struggling to get enough online traffic as a result of poor searchability, the team at Marketing for Care Homes has the expertise and know-how to turn it around.

Our latest case study, ‘How focusing on digital marketing improves online performance’, looks at how we massively increased our client’s online searchability for various specific terms. And we can do it for your care home too.

We took the brief from our client – an all-inclusive nursing home in Kent with a ‘Good’ CQC rating – and found a solution. We implemented this solution and measured the results, which the client is incredibly happy with – and as a direct result of this increased traffic, the nursing home in Margate has received additional enquiries for its nursing care and employment vacancies.

By targeting specific search terms and geographic areas, we not only achieved but exceeded the results our client wanted to see. Find out more about what digital marketing we carried out and how it made our client’s website improve drastically for keyword ranking.

Find out how we did it

If you’re looking to improve your search rankings and see quick results, Marketing for Care Homes is here to help. Get in touch today and get the website traffic your care home needs, whether it’s for enquiries or recruitment.

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12th November

Building a new care home: Creative hoarding ideas

The majority of our clients have built or are planning to build a new care facility, many are planning multiple sites as we speak. If you haven’t done it before, the prospect of telling the world all about what you’re doing can be a daunting one.

We’re all now used to seeing the brightly coloured construction hoardings adorned with new brands and photographs – usually stock, let’s face it – smiling their messages back at us, next to a website address and a ‘prices-from’ sticker. This is all well and good, and builders need to sell the properties as quickly as possible, preferably before they’re finished. When building a care home, it’s not quite as simple as that, is it?

We know that people are much less likely to make a commitment before seeing the finished article, and show suites, while helpful, rarely persuade a larger number of potential clients to sign on the dotted line either. People’s need for care is often at much shorter notice too. With all these things combined, then, it got us to thinking what is the point of the hoarding on a care home building site and how can we use the space better?

In some cases, where a building is near a main thoroughfare like this one, with lots of footfall or traffic, it’s important to get people’s attention and not just blend into the background. In the case of traffic, the faster it is, the shorter the message should be. If it’s on a busy street with lots of pedestrians it makes sense to engage people on a more detailed level, either with smaller blocks of text separate from the main message, or leaflets in a weatherproof box, or something interactive – even as simple as a viewing pane to the larger site. Anything to engage with passers by so that they know what is happening at your site. We all know the importance of word of mouth when it comes to marketing a care home, and this is where it starts.

It was with great excitement, then, that we visited a client’s site in Bristol recently and were able to look at different options, seeing as the site has a pedestrian front, a roadside front and a front which backs onto other businesses and car parks – three sets of people with a different amount of time to look at your message.

To tie in with our client’s plan to bring the art world into the new care home, we set to work on ideas, enlisting the help of local artist and screen printer Josh Hughes-Games at 16 Tonne Press in Bristol’s Old Market. Together with local mural painter, Zoe Power they created a design for the hoarding to surround the entire site, using different levels of detail for the different facing sections.

The piece began this week here and we’ll continue to update you as it progresses. It draws on Bristol’s strong visual history, grabs people’s attention and makes the link between the rich local art scene and the proposed use of art as therapy within the new home.

To follow this project and find out more, bookmark us, or follow us on Linked In for all news and tips from Marketing For Care Homes. If you have a project like this that you’d like help with, get in touch with us here.

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30th October

Facebook for care homes: Three good reasons you should be using it

This is one of those questions we get asked early on in a client relationship here at Marketing for Care Homes and often is the purpose of an initial phone call or email. It’s a question asked by every care home manager at some point and sometimes it has come off the back of a difficult situation that began on an existing Facebook page. What decision-makers can often mean in asking the question is: “I don’t use Facebook personally, do I need to be using it for my care home?”

So, what are the benefits of using Facebook for your care home and why does it matter?

The proof of the pudding…is in the eating.

We don’t yet have a better way of introducing a care home to potential residents than a visit in-person. However, Facebook can act as an affirmation for people who are already interested in viewing. Increasingly, as the first tech-literate generation ages (the late Baby Boomers), social media will become even more of a potential advertising space to directly target your clients, but for now, Facebook in particular acts as proof that your home ‘does what it says on the tin’ e.g. if your home has a fine dining room, show people enjoying it; if you market your trips out to the sea in the minibus, show your audience!

Recruitment advertising

While there are plenty of online tools for recruiting staff, when it comes to the non-nursing side of your team, Facebook is a cost-effective alternative to the big portals, enabling you to target certain demographics in geographical areas. At Marketing for Care Homes, we've found that it allows you to keep an overview of how the job adverts are progressing and you can edit at short notice should you wish. Boosting these posts (paying for them) only increases the spread of each post.

It creates a meaningful dialogue with your local community

This comes up time and time again in our analytics of client social media. Posts that attract the most engagement are those to which people can relate and share with friends. For example, one client looked after a resident who used to wave every morning to all the schoolchildren passing the window of the home. One morning they shared a post telling the public the chap’s name and the response was immense, outstripping 90% of other posts for likes and comments.

Facebook has many positives if you are running a care home and the team here at Marketing for Care Homes can take you through how to build and maintain a following that will work for you year after year – contact our team today to find out more about how you can use social media to promote your care home, or to book one of our social media workshops for your staff.

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4th September

Who cares? You do. And we do too: Is it time to review your marketing?

That’s the title of our latest campaign at Marketing for Care Homes in Stratford-upon-Avon. Yes, we’re a marketing agency and we make our money by creating eye-catching designs and creative advertising for our clients. But it's important to shout about our services to the world, as our marketing matters too.

When it comes to marketing and advertising in the care industry, we know what we’re talking about, as we’ve been working with clients in care since day one. Care clients face challenges that clients in other industries don’t face, so by knowing these nuances, we’re best placed to help the care homes that approach us for help.

Our ‘Who cares?’ campaign has only just gone live, but we wanted you to be some of the first to see it. We’re hoping for a good outcome and will let you know how successful our marketing material for this is once we can measure the results, but in the meantime, why not tell us what you think?

And if you’d like to find out how we can help you and your care home, please pick up the phone or ping us an email as we’d love to boost your enquiries, find new staff and give your home a brand-new look.

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2nd July

The importance of authentic imagery in digital marketing

We recently added a case study to the Marketing for Care Homes website all about the importance of authentic imagery in digital marketing, as when it comes to care, genuine, honest photography is one of the main ingredients if you're whipping up a recipe for success. Of course, there is a time and a place to use stock imagery, and we cover this in the case study too. Check it out here.

If you're in need of fresh photography or if you're not sure what steps you need to take to get your business noticed, please do get in touch as we'd be more than happy to offer advice and help you get to where you want to be - and we can also provide you with a bespoke quotation.

Enquire about our first-class photography today.

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11th April

Does your branding say anything about your care home?

Here at Marketing for Care Homes, our first ever project was for a client in the care industry and we’re proud to still be working with them to this day – along the way, we’ve been lucky enough to work with many other care clients as well as businesses in other fields. One big rebranding project we worked on last year for a family-run care home in Surrey is going full steam ahead again this year following a big change in the business.

Huntington House originally opened back in 1978 and it was a breath of fresh air to the care industry in the UK at the time. The person-centred business – now known as the Huntington & Langham Estate – is still pushing forward and carefully considering ground-breaking methodology to this day, perfectly pairing traditional values with modern medicine, care of the highest quality and a focus on the wellbeing of the people living there.

You can read all about what we did for the Huntington & Langham Estate for their 40th anniversary in 2018 right here in our case study, but we also wanted to update you on what’s been going on lately at this award-winning residential, nursing and dementia home in Surrey. What the team at the Huntington & Langham Estate are doing in Surrey may help to revolutionise the way we approach providing care for all those who require it in the UK going forward.

If you work in the care industry, you will probably have heard of the Butterfly Household Model of Care, which is a pioneering approach to dementia care. The Huntington & Langham Estate opened their dedicated, specialist dementia home in Hindhead – Langham Court – with the Butterfly Model in mind back in 2013. And the results speak for themselves.

Langham Court is rated as an ‘Outstanding’ home offering dementia care in Surrey by the Care Quality Commission. The home has also won all sorts of other fantastic awards for dementia care, which you can read about on their website – these include winning Best Manager and being a finalist for Best Activities at the National Dementia Care Awards 2018.

More recently, Dementia Care Matters has evolved to encapsulate more than just dementia care, and a new model called All Care Matters has been launched. The Huntington & Langham Estate is the first home in the country to adopt this ground-breaking approach to care and it has already had a noticeably positive impact on the way the home operates, and on the people living and working there. Set routines? Gone. Uniforms? Gone. This home really does feel like a home, not a hospital or a hotel, and it’s clear from the moment you walk through the front door that the people living there feel that way too.

There’s not a shadow of a doubt that the Huntington & Langham Estate is one of the best care homes in Surrey, offering expert residential, nursing and dementia care, set in 30 acres of stunning woodland.

For first-rate residential, respite, nursing, dementia and day care in Hindhead, Surrey, look no further than the award-winning, pioneering Huntington & Langham Estate. One look at their reviews on the leading review website in the UK for care homes will tell you everything you need to know: For top residential, nursing, respite, dementia and day care in Surrey, look no further than the Huntington & Langham Estate in Hindhead.

If you like what we created for the Huntington & Langham Estate, why don’t you get in touch with the team at Marketing for Care Homes and find out what we can do for you?

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1st March

Get the lowdown: the 2019 Dementia, Care and Nursing Home Expo

On Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th March, the NEC in Birmingham will play host to the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo 2019 – will you be there?

If you’re thinking of exhibiting then as the UK’s most dynamic social care event, it’s a brilliant opportunity to get your products and services in front of an audience of senior decision-makers in both the care and nursing home and domiciliary care industry. There will be 5,500 decision-makers in the care industry in attendance, all looking out for the innovations offering the ability to improve the level of care they provide and increase efficiency in their businesses.

If you’re interested in attending, it’s well worth a visit in our experience. With 300 cutting-edge exhibitors and 100 expert-led seminars at this event dedicated to inspiring business growth and a sustainable social care model, as well as the most innovative awards in the industry, there are all sorts to see and do. And better yet, it’s completely free to go along. To get tickets, simply visit and click on the ‘FREE TICKETS’ button.

If you’re looking to expand, evolve and innovate your social care business, it might be a good idea to pop along for a day, see the stands and absorb the latest information on all things care-related. In addition to the exhibitors, seminars and awards, there’s also a Virtual Dementia Tour, which is the only scientifically-proven method of giving a person an experience of what dementia might be like. Now that’s pretty cool – what better way to understand it than to experience dementia for yourself?

With the number of people aged 85+ expected to double in the next 25-30 years, it’s essential that we keep on pushing this industry forward, learning more about dementia and all kinds of care in order to provide the best possible life for our ageing population.

It’s also vital for the sustainability of the sector that care providers embrace change, keep on progressing and consistently providing the highest level of care possible, all while remaining compliant. With the use of technology in care constantly evolving, it’s events like these that key members of the industry look to in order to stay at the forefront of innovation – and with all that this expo has to offer, it’s the ideal place for care providers to find the resources to do exactly that, showcasing the latest products and trends that are reinventing the care sector in 2019 and beyond.

Run by the award-winning PRYSM Group, the 2019 Dementia, Care and Nursing Home Expo is sure to be a great event, and if you’re interested in exhibiting or attending, there’s still time to get in on the action: visit to find out more. With many of our clients in the care industry, we hope to make it to the NEC later this month – maybe we’ll see you there!

If you can’t make it to the expo, you can always get in touch with us at Marketing for Care Homes to find out all about care home marketing. Working with all types of care home clients all over the country, we have a wealth of experience to offer and would be more than happy to help you devise a marketing plan for the coming financial year. Drop us a line today to find out more.

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29th November

It’s all change for CCH: Long-planned care home re-brand

Earlier this year, we were approached by a care home group with a difference, whose care centres on faith. Christadelphian Care Homes didn’t feel their existing branding represented them well anymore, with a white-on-blue logo featuring a home, hands and the Bible; they wanted the sentiment to remain but asked for us to inject some warmth and colour into a new, modern logo.

Christadelphian Care Homes

Although most Christadelphian Care Home residents come from within the Christadelphian community, the homes welcome people from all walks of life. The rebrand wasn’t about reaching a wider audience, it was about being versatile and contemporary, and uniting all eight UK-wide homes under one visually-connected output for both print and digital, getting rid of the lack of unity and mixed messages seen under the old branding.

With most residents learning of their local Christadelphian care home through their ecclesia, the business never saw the need to advertise. However, with an outdated brand and the potential need to increase awareness going forward, they asked Marketing for Care Homes to create a new brand, website and brochure, along with all the print and digital trimmings.

The task set by our client was to unite all Christadelphian Care Homes under one common language of care, using one set of visual guidelines and one set of text to describe the different aspects of care and what everyday life in a Christadelphian Care Home entails.

The new brand

Synonymous with Christadelphian beliefs to get as close as possible to the faith and practice of the early Christian church, the new logo is a simple blend of the outlines of a Home and the Bible – this is because they offer care of the highest quality, ingrained with their beliefs and the word of God.

The Christadelphian faith is non-Trinitarian, yet the old CCH logo featured three components – home, hands and the Bible. As Christadelphian Care Homes offer high-quality care underpinned by the belief and faith in the word of the Bible, we deemed these components the two essential factors in our new logo and therefore, the decision was made not to include the hands featured in the former logo.

The main Christadelphian Care Home logo features a bright and fun colour scheme, with vibrant and cool colours being used together to create the confluence of two gradients. The Bible outline features fuchsia, orange and yellow tones to signify warmth and happiness, and this interlinks with the cooler outline of the home, which uses different shades of blue that relate to depth and stability. The contrast of warm and cool colours makes our new logo eye-catching and unique, enhancing its clean and simple design. We live in a world where we take colour for granted, but colour is all around us and should be embraced – additionally, it alludes to the colourful kind of life you can live in Christadelphian Care Homes.

On the road with a camera for company

To make sure the new website, brochure and collateral complemented the homes in the best possible light, we went on a UK-wide photography trip to capture the best angles of all eight buildings – it was a big job but was essential to show prospective residents where they might soon be living and capture the essence of what life’s like in each Christadelphian Care Home.

For non-Christadelphians considering care, we thought it was important to get across that not sharing the Christadelphian faith won’t make living in one of their homes any less fulfilling, exciting or happy, with high-quality care and a focus on wellbeing of paramount importance, enhanced by a varied, engaging programme of events and activities. And for Christadelphians, what could be better than high-quality care, complete with spiritual guidance?

We hope you like the new look we’ve given Christadelphian Care Homes – get in touch if you’d like us to transform your business too and create something colourful and contemporary.

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22nd November

Photography, Video and Drone shoot at Kent Care Home

Whenever we create a website, brochure, ad or any other digital or print media for our clients, chances are that we need high-quality, up-to-date photographs. If clients don’t already have these, we pay them a visit and get snapping! And we quite often film great-quality footage too, to create short videos that really make our clients stand out. This is exactly what we did a couple of months back for our client, St. Michael’s Care in Kent.

Having invested a substantial sum into the renovation of the care home, our client wanted to show prospective residents and their family members how great the home looks inside and out and how truly caring the staff are. It was also a great time to showcase the quality and choice of food served and the varied activities and entertainment put on to make life as fun and fulfilling as possible for every resident. Our last objective was to show prospective team members how great it is to work at St. Michael’s, highlighting the closeness of existing staff and the many benefits of being an employee in the home.

At Marketing for Care Homes, we wanted to help, so started by storyboarding the videos and making a list of who we needed to speak to and when. Time was short as we only had one day to get as much footage as possible – and it heavily depended on the weather.

With a photographer, videographer, director and assistant forming our crew for the day, we cracked on. Although we had a grey start, thankfully it brightened up and turned out to be beautifully sunny in Westgate-on-Sea. We decided to make the most of the dry weather and kicked things off on a golf course next to the home. We made the most of the opportunity to capture new video footage and stills and managed to get some great material to work with. With the drone flying high, we took some great shots with an aerial view, gliding up and over St. Michael’s, then down by the beach to document how beautiful and peaceful the area is.

It was great to have so much going on in the home to photograph and video; St. Michael’s holds regular parties for friends and family members to attend, completely free of charge, and residents absolutely love them. On the day of the shoot, there was a Caribbean-themed party going on, so we got some colourful photos capturing smiles all around. With the band playing, kids dancing and everybody smiling, we couldn’t have asked for a better day – there was even a pony with a multicoloured mane in attendance!

Although there was a lot of fun to be had down on the ground, a lot of the footage we used came from up in the air – striking landscapes provided the perfect backdrop for our videos, with staff and residents’ words bringing the home to life, telling the world why St. Michael’s is such a great place to live and to work. Watch the video for yourself right here. This is what our client had to say about it: ‘The video you created for us is perfect and made me feel quite emotions. I love it!’

If you would like something similar creating for your business, get in touch with the team at Marketing for Care Homes – we’d love the opportunity to bring your brand to life.

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