Facebook For Care Homes - Three Reasons

This is one of those questions we get asked early on in a client relationship here at Marketing for Care Homes and often is the purpose of an initial phone call or email. It’s a question asked by every care home manager at some point and sometimes it has come off the back of a difficult situation that began on an existing Facebook page. What decision-makers can often mean in asking the question is: “I don’t use Facebook personally, do I need to be using it for my care home?”

So, what are the benefits of using Facebook for your care home and why does it matter?

The proof of the pudding…is in the eating.

We don’t yet have a better way of introducing a care home to potential residents than a visit in-person. However, Facebook can act as an affirmation for people who are already interested in viewing. Increasingly, as the first tech-literate generation ages (the late Baby Boomers), social media will become even more of a potential advertising space to directly target your clients, but for now, Facebook in particular acts as proof that your home ‘does what it says on the tin’ e.g. if your home has a fine dining room, show people enjoying it; if you market your trips out to the sea in the minibus, show your audience!

Recruitment advertising

While there are plenty of online tools for recruiting staff, when it comes to the non-nursing side of your team, Facebook is a cost-effective alternative to the big portals, enabling you to target certain demographics in geographical areas. At Marketing for Care Homes, we've found that it allows you to keep an overview of how the job adverts are progressing and you can edit at short notice should you wish. Boosting these posts (paying for them) only increases the spread of each post.

It creates a meaningful dialogue with your local community

This comes up time and time again in our analytics of client social media. Posts that attract the most engagement are those to which people can relate and share with friends. For example, one client looked after a resident who used to wave every morning to all the schoolchildren passing the window of the home. One morning they shared a post telling the public the chap’s name and the response was immense, outstripping 90% of other posts for likes and comments.

Facebook has many positives if you are running a care home and the team here at Marketing for Care Homes can take you through how to build and maintain a following that will work for you year after year – contact our team today to find out more about how you can use social media to promote your care home, or to book one of our social media workshops for your staff.