How Much Should You Spend on Marketing your Care Home?

How much should you spend on marketing? This is a question we have been asked and answered many times since 2011. As care industry marketing experts we built fantastic working relationships with our clients. We understand the industry; understand the needs of care homes and nursing homes; but also understand the needs of the prospective residents too. We genuinely care. You don't need us to tell you that running a Residential Care Home is challenging. And, within a saturated market, where smaller independent homes are competing with premium/luxury businesses, your job could be ten times more difficult. Which is where your marketing can really make a huge difference.

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Make your marketing matter in 2020

Happy New Year to you all from Marketing for Care Homes! Our team members are all back in the office with recharged batteries after a refreshing Christmas break, and we can’t wait to get started on some shiny new campaigns to kick off the new year in style. So, how can we help you? Well, let’s start with…

Your 2020 care home marketing plan

The saying goes ‘if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ and that’s completely true when it comes to your annual marketing plan. If you haven’t yet made a marketing plan for 2020 then that means you won’t have started making the most of your marketing yet! Clear your diary and get cracking as there’s no time like the present.

If you let much more of January slip away, you’ll inevitably end up with fewer enquiries than desired, along with no marketing analysis and therefore no way of telling which channels you need to target to reach your desired demographic.

If you’re unsure how to create your 2020 marketing plan, get in touch with Marketing for Care Homes and we’ll set you on the right track. We can even plan your entire year using our industry expertise, so you won’t miss any opportunities and can generate as many enquiries as possible for your care home.

Implementing your care home marketing plan

At Marketing for Care Homes, we’ve been creating effective campaigns for care homes since 2011. With our industry insight, you’re in safe hands and you can trust us to deliver exactly what your care home needs to help reach your targets. Whether you need to fill beds, you need to attract and recruit new team members or anything else, we’re here to help and our knowledge of the care industry when it comes to marketing is unrivalled.

Once you have a solid marketing plan, we can put this into action for you. We can also manage and adjust this plan throughout the year in accordance with your marketing analysis – which we can also take care of at Marketing for Care Homes – making it as specific as possible, reaching your target audience by utilising the appropriate channels that we know work best when it comes to care.

How successful marketing can boost your care home business

With a solid marketing plan in place for 2020, the sky is the limit if it’s carried out well. With the ability to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and steer them in a particular direction based on accurate analysis throughout the year, you’ll be able to reach your target audience with maximum efficiency and maximum return. At Marketing for Care Homes, we’re here to help every step of the way.

At Marketing for Care Homes, we offer a wide range of services that can help your marketing make a real difference to your care home’s success in 2020 – our team can take care of creative design, branding and rebranding, web design, marketing support, insights and analytics, brochures, photography and videography, internal and external signage, copywriting and digital marketing. By working with us and utilising our expert services, your care home’s marketing will achieve your desired results.

Speak to us today to make sure 2020 is your care home’s best year yet.

How Does Your CQC Rating Affect Your Care Home’s Marketing?

It’ll probably come as no surprise to hear that generally speaking, the better your CQC rating, the more successful your marketing campaigns will be and typically, the more enquiries you’ll generate as a result. But here at Marketing for Care Homes, we’ve drilled down to find out the real numbers and see quite how big a difference your CQC rating makes.

Let’s start by having a look at some care home statistics:

• There are more than 10,000 care homes in the UK
• Only 4% of care homes across England have the CQC’s top rating of ‘Outstanding
• 79% of care homes in England are rated as being ‘Good’ by the CQC
• 16% of England’s care homes have a ‘Requires Improvement’ CQC rating
• 1% of all care homes in England are found to be ‘Inadequate’ by the CQC

Our ‘Outstanding’ experiment

One of our Berkshire-based clients opened in 2016 and earned Top 20 awards in 2017, 2018 and 2019. A recent CQC inspection saw them go from having a ‘Good’ CQC rating to achieving ‘Outstanding’ in all five areas, a rating that only 21 care homes in England had achieved by the end of 2019.

Having had ‘Good’ ratings until now at this specific home, we thought it was the ideal opportunity to compare marketing results between a campaign with a ‘Good’ rating and a campaign with an ‘Outstanding’ rating, with no other contributing factors changing at all.

If there was ever a time to tell the world about how fantastic a home’s care really is, this was it, so we took the opportunity to cover every single base, from banners outside the home and a graphic and news article for their website to press releases and digital ads – these included Facebook and Google Ads. And that’s what we’re going to focus on now, Google Ads.

The results are in

As you’d expect, the results were higher in the ‘Outstanding’ campaign than in the previous ‘Good’ campaign, but by how much?

From research we’ve conducted based on our own clients’ campaign results, things don’t change drastically between a home rated ‘Good’ and a home rated ‘Requires improvement’, especially when it’s clear that the home still has good reviews regardless of the CQC rating. But going up to ‘Outstanding’ really does make a noticeable difference.

Prospective residents and their family members can have complete confidence in an ‘Outstanding’ home – they can move in without having to worry whether the care is good enough, whether there’s enough going on to give residents meaningful occupation, if residents enjoy a healthy, balanced diet, if they’re safe, the list goes on.

Our winter campaign when the home had a ‘Good’ CQC rating had a click-through rate of 1.71% – and we’d generally expect between 1 and 2% – but our next campaign was ‘Outstanding’. The click-through rate for this jumped up to a staggering 5.84%, which is a 341% increase. That led to 6 conversions for the modest payment of £84.03. It goes to show the difference having that top CQC rating can have on your care home’s digital marketing results.

Make your marketing more effective

The best way to make your marketing more effective is of course by improving your CQC rating, but as this can’t happen overnight, get in touch with Marketing for Care Homes to implement a few changes now that can have a significant impact on your enquiries sooner rather than later. With compelling copy, original artwork and all the other tricks we have up our sleeve here as care industry marketing specialists, working with us can lead to measurable results for your digital performance in as soon as a month.

Make your money go further when it comes to marketing by having something good to shout about, something tempting to click on, and if your CQC rating is ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’, it really makes a difference showing that to the world. Going back to the statistics we mentioned at the start, with 4% of care homes having an ‘Outstanding’ rating, there’s still so much for the 79% of homes that are ‘Good’ to play for. 79% equates to over 8,000 care homes, which is a lot of competitors you can blow out of the water with your next digital campaign.

Whether you’ve just gone from ‘Good’ to ‘Requires Improvement’ and need to give business a boost or if your home is ‘Outstanding’ and you haven’t told the world about it, now is the time. Although there is an obvious correlation between a care home’s CQC rating and digital performance, we can advise you regardless of your CQC rating and make your marketing matter.

Get in touch with the team at Marketing for Care Homes today to find out how we can help your home stand out to prospective residents in a saturated and competitive market.